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The cricket committee will strive to place communication and transparency with all members at the top of its agenda.  We wanted to address this and whilst no formulaic approach to selection is possible, we have set out the objectives that will underpin the selection process we will implement.

1.Balance of the Team – the club is currently playing the lowest standard of cricket on a Saturday that it has encountered for a number of years.  Promotion for the 1st XI remains the priority and the selection committee will look very carefully at establishing a side not only capable of achieving this aim but also competing for forthcoming campaigns in stronger divisions.

Throughout the winter the captains have built up a core of players they envisage will contribute to a team squad.  Contrary to popular belief this may not result in the perceived best 11 players available automatically being guaranteed a place in the first team, leaving the remaining players to make up the second team.  Members have entrusted the captains to lead their respective sides and as a result they will have the determinative vote on the constitution of that side.

It is envisaged that wherever possible, an approach that sees a consistent side taking the field (4-6 matches) will be deployed in order to achieve balance and consistency to team selection.

2. Development – for all players, young and old is a key feature of the policy the committee wishes to implement.  Not only do we want to see young players flourish but we also have several senior players either returning to the game and/or demonstrating a huge desire to improve their own game.

It is important to remember that a number of our youth players have recently been thrust into the deep end of competitive cricket at the senior level.  As a result, certain aspects of their game may well have been neglected and careful consideration of the roles they are asked to undertake on a Sunday will be required.

The attendance of senior players at winter nets has been monitored, as has the degree of enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to the team.   The same degree of commitment is expected of players, where possible, for outdoor net sessions and this will be a key factor when conducting the selection process.  The key to good team performances is the high level of preparation and this is an area that individual players will be expected to contribute.

3.Availability - the committee want to make a conscious decision to move away from the principle that players who have historically played at a certain level/for a specific team will continue to do so whenever they are available.  This can no longer be an expectation.   Although it remains entirely possible that some our best players will only be available for a very limited period of time – a guaranteed place in the first team will not necessarily follow.

Selection will be conducted with reference to ALL the objectives set out in our policy.

4.Discipline – player discipline has become a bone of contention in recent season.  Whereas this is not intended to cover well-trodden ground, or indeed cause unnecessary embarrassment to any specific player, it would be remiss not to include this important aspect in the policy of selection.  A player considered disruptive/harmful to team moral will be spoken to by the committee and should that behaviour continue it may well be necessary to invoke the club’s internal disciplinary procedure (re drafted this season – see attached).  A player’s ability to properly interact with peers, teammates, opposition and officials is an important factor in selection.

5. Form – it has often been said that this aspect of the game is temporary and that it is “class” that is permanent.  It is also often quoted that form “is a state of mind”.  Naturally, performances will be scrutinized but it is just as important to consider statistics in the context of the specific circumstances of the match.

A player that demonstrates a degree of aptitude and level of performance that merits promotion to the first team will be accommodated.   However, this objective has been deliberately left until last in order to highlight the importance of taking into account all factors when selecting the teams.

Senior Selection Policy: Text
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