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Historic Stats Update

The painstaking process of updating statistics from old scorebooks continues.

The 2008 season for Barton 2nd XI is now complete ( note matches added have in part been added as friendly matches until league administrator can assist!).

The team finished 3rd in a season that now records the following -

Kipling 100 not out v Caistor (rain delayed start and he didn’t even want to play!)

Mellows 201 not out v Grimsby 3rds ( take a look at the boundary and run rate stats - he also took wickets in same match!)

Teggy has ended up with 11 more wickets (he is a machine).

Elliot Sampson, Bainborough, McNaught and Billy Wright all make Saturday debuts.

In addition, one Alex Shreeve makes an inauspicious start to Saturday cricket with 10 runs v Caistor 3rds in a match where Ash Hooper scored 96 not out.

Outcasts 2nds being bowled out for 18 and great memories in a season where Mellors, Whittaker and a young Oliver Mussett engaged in a 6 hitting completion throughout the season - check out who won!

There are matches from 2007 and 2009 and 2010 to update in future weeks. A plea to veteran players - Please search your garages and attics to see if you have any old score books lying around. It would be super to update matches for posterity reasons. Jeremy Mark Evans

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